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High Capacity Kindling  Production

100 to 150 Bags/Hr

Robopel 250

Semi-automatic Post Peeler. Peels round posts between 4 cm (1 5/8”) & 25 cm (10”)

Also see Robopel 150

Post Pointing Equip.

Biface and Quadriface Post Pointers. Posts up to 25 cm (10”) Diameter

Vibroscopic Post Drivers

Drives posts with 1500 strokes per minute vibrating head. For Tractors, Harvesters,Mini Exc.

Barbed & Woven Wire Fencing Installation.

Safely install tensioned fencing. Optional air stapler.

Splitta 360

Timber Input: Logs up to 14" dia. Output: Firewood Logs and Kindling 6" 8" 10" long (15 20 25 cm) Length adjustable by Kits.

Splitta 400

Timber Input: Logs up to 16" Max 4” Min. dia.

Output: Firewood Logs and Kindling 8", 10", 11” long (20 25 33 cm) adjustable by Kits.

Fuelwood, Rabaud and Woodline each have a significant range of equipment to meet all types of wood conversion activities.

Quadivator have unique innovative equipment capable of changing ATVs & UTVs into versatile

“All-Can-Do” machines for all seasons.

Anderson Agri-forest Equipment ensures we provide the best equipment for all your challenging tasks.

Equipment Summary

Equipment Listings for:

Fuelwood, Rabaud, Woodline & Quadivator

Fuelwood - Kindling and Firewood Processors

Rabaud - Agricultural Equipment

Kindlet Pro

Timber Input: Off-cuts - Any up to 25 cm (10”) height & logs dia. 25 cm (10”) max. Kindling Output: 15 cm to 29 cm long (6”, 8”, 10”, 11.5”). Adjustable length by four stage Kits

Kindlet 200

Timber Input: Off-cuts - Any up to 20 cm (8”) sq. & logs dia. 20 cm (8”) max. Kindling Output: 14 cm to 16.5 cm long (5.5” to 6.5”)

Transaw 350

Circular saw capacity of 35cm (14”) Dia.

Splitting with 15 Tons.

Output: Firewood Logs 15 cm to 50 cm (6” to 20” long)










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ATV Snow Blower

50 inch clearing

Uses a 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Powered Power Pac attachment

EZ-Pivot ATV & UTV Blades.

50” 60” & 72” wide rolled steel construction with integrated chassis. Universal mount fits all ATVs / UTVs

Wide range of Mowing Machines.

Integrated Power Pack Driven Mowers. Easy Installation.

Harrows, Discs, Cultivator, Plow, Rake

Pull behind equipment to prepare and maintain your terrains

Quadivator - Innovative ATV & UTV Accessories and Equipment

Pull Behind Mowers

Rough & Finish Cut available.

Engine Powers up to 23 HP

Quadivator: Multiple ATV attachments

Pull behind ATVequipment to prepare and maintain your terrains