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Delivering Equipment designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations on the farm, in the wood conversion industry and for those providing services to the Agri-forest industry


Helping the owners of ATVs & UTVs get the full benefit from the machines.

Providing Equipment for the Home, Chalet / Cottage Country Home and Small Farm or Woodlot.

See Equipment Types available from Fuelwood UK, Rabaud, France and Quadivator, Canada

Forestry & Agricultural Equipment that Adds Value

ANDERSON Agri-forest Equipment inc.

Supplies the North American Market with robust and reliable equipment capable of significantly aiding entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, farmers, woodlot owners and professional service companies plus chalet / cottage and Country Home owners in their efforts to benefit from the human and natural resources available to them.

Specialists in Post Peelers, Pointers and Post Vibro-Drivers plus Fence Installation Equipment.


Specialists in producing high performance Kindling and Firewood Processing Equipment. Bag kindling and firewood directly from the machine.

 Fuelwood UK Ltd

Equipment Types

Rabaud EquipmentFuelwood Equipment

Specialists in innovative ATV / UTV Accessories and Equipment. Designed for simple installation and operation.